Nadine A. Raphael

Nadine grew up in Brooklyn, New York the youngest of 3 children to a single mother, during the drug infested years of the 80’s. She became a gang member at the age of 14. She became pregnant with her first child at 18 and was sentenced to almost 6 years in prison by the age of 21. While prison was dark, harsh and cold, it was there, within the confines of gray concrete cells and green iron bunk beds, where she would find her purpose and a new perspective on life. While her years in prison proved difficult, she overcame obstacles and became a GED instructor, started a prison newsletter for mothers behind bars, became a Bible teacher for several hundred inmates and went to College to study Business Administration. In prison, God helped her to realize that the greatest obstacle she would need to overcome was not the injustice she experienced or past abuse and rejection from those who were supposed to accept and love her, but her greatest obstacle that she needed to overcome was herself. When she did, with God’s help, she discovered her purpose and a newfound identity.

In early 2000 Nadine was released from prison. She currently serves as Chief Operations Officer for Christian Life Center, Fort Lauderdale. She lives in Florida with her husband of 14 years and their 3 kids. She enjoys speaking, mentoring, family vacations and curling up on a couch with a good book.